The Juke Joint Blues Mob



Pounding like a steam boat comin' from the Missisippi delta, cheeky and breathtaking ever now and then, but 'gain pensive and wistful as Blues shoud be…
The Juke Joint Blues Mob let the good times roll. These 6 guys celebrate their energetic shows and know how to entertain. Let them take you on an emotional journey thru the valleys of life! Enjoy the finest ever made lucerne blues and you'll see: the delta is closer than you thought!

In Blues we trust.




Gasthaus Adler Emmenbrücke

  • Banner: Tankstelle Bühne, 02.10.2023 | 09.10.2023
  • Radio 3FACH Kick Ass Radio
  • Banner: GRÜNE, Bock auf Zukunft!, 02.–15.10.2023
  • Banner: Gletschergarten Luzern, Sipho Mabona, 12.09.2023–11.09.2024